Dare to grow as a creative

Steal like an artist © Austin Kleon

Values as an ecosystem

© Holstee

The Surrealists explored it all

© Keva Epale

Why a Manifesto today?

© Unsplash

What if walking actively could help you see your progress more mindfully?

© Keva Epale

Walking, indeed!

A start to rebooting the body, mind & soul.

The trigger

© Keva Epale

Key Lessons of the time travel.

© Keva Epale

^ What have you been up to?

Sometimes just seize the moment, who knows which lessons you need to learn… again.

© Keva Epale

Out of the blue: play

Facing a good player led to facing pro’s

A needed talk with him, when he bumps up into your mind.

© Keva Epale

First the talk should be direct and firm. No “dear” or worse “friend”, the speech to this acquaintance should be of the most polite, firm but dire vivid.

_Things you will notice in his “engaged” approach towards you

Keva Epale

I like storytelling and capturing stories. I use graphic design, illustration & co in order to do it! www.kevaepale.com

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