The ping-pong lesson

Sometimes just seize the moment, who knows which lessons you need to learn… again.

© Keva Epale

Out of the blue: play

Facing a good player led to facing pro’s

© Keva Epale

Transmission: the age elegance

It also exercised the “collaborative spirit”, for it is one team player at a time. Being solo most of the time, it’s good to be reminded to synchronise more with a partner or team. A good training, you can only get better and adjust.

You carry a philosophy of game or life everywhere you go, it becomes you.

© Keva Epale

The way you play tells more about you than you think…

© Keva Epale

Self-confidence is a choice

I like storytelling and capturing stories. I use graphic design, illustration & co in order to do it!

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