Dare to grow as a creative

Steal like an artist © Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is a writer who draws, that is how he qualifies himself. I discovered his work when I just finished art school and started working, and I understood pretty early that the 10 sentences he wrote to empower each creative being, were going to stay with me as a reminder.

Austin Kleon is a creative writer, thinker and artist. He has been a librarian, a web designer, an advertising copywriter, a set of…

Values as an ecosystem

© Holstee

The Surrealists explored it all

© Keva Epale

Why a Manifesto today?

© Unsplash

A start to rebooting the body, mind & soul.

The trigger

I have always suffered from joint pains even from my childhood. My family used to remind me of the music I could do just by cracking my fingers and till today it could be an interesting hit.

It came to a point where my pain added to hot weather and health history pushed me into trying something I had never done before. I am used to fasting due to spiritual purposes but I had never done 24h, 48h, 3 days, to 5 days with no food intake at all. …

© Keva Epale

J’écris rarement en français mais le cri de la “ langue ” a guidé mes pensées. Grande admiratrice du travail de l’équipe Demy-Legrand, je n’avais jamais vu le film Lola, avec un des personnages les plus énigmatiques, discret empreint d’espoir et de fatalisme aussi : Roland Cassard.

Key Lessons of the time travel.

© Keva Epale

Time is a great friend, through ups and downs you become new, same body but your mind changes and mutes. Good news! If you think you have not changed, check well, you have!

I recently met two old friends from art school, with whom we had an amazing time in our first year, discovering and studying art and being enthusiastic about the new path. From those years, full of faith and expectancy, 13 years later: here we have 3 kinds of women empowered and growing.

^ What have you been up to?

The whereabouts of what happened in 13 years for sure are the focus of the…

Sometimes just seize the moment, who knows which lessons you need to learn… again.

© Keva Epale

Out of the blue: play

I am a more spontaneous gem than I used to be. I can out of the blue play, dance, sing, just “be”. One evening at the end of the year 2018, the simple call of play, led me into being inspired by ping-pong and it’s philosophy.

I am more into tennis, and yes the myth that from tennis you can play ping-pong is not true. I just watched the movie “Borg and Mccgregore” and I guess it was still playing in my head, when playfully a mate and I, saw a ping-pong table and it was screaming “play”.

Facing a good player led to facing pro’s

The mate…

A needed talk with him, when he bumps up into your mind.

© Keva Epale

First the talk should be direct and firm. No “dear” or worse “friend”, the speech to this acquaintance should be of the most polite, firm but dire vivid.

He is a person that knows sweet talk, he knows you and used to rule your world. The moment you decide to take control, he is eager to have a talk with You. Using more sweet words and tricks to have you back in his game.

_Things you will notice in his “engaged” approach towards you

He will be nicer than usual, I bet he has never been this nice to you. It seems like a complex relationship, well see it that…

Do your magic © Keva Epale

Tunning in on the right level

The more I grow and learn from ups and down in my graphic chronicles, the more I acknowledge how important it is for me to understand “states of creativity” and get around them often to know and grow in my creative potential.

The Creative intelligence in you

Knock, connect, ask, co-create

Keva Epale

I like storytelling and capturing stories. I use graphic design, illustration & co in order to do it! www.kevaepale.com

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